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Coat, skin and claws

Coat, skin and claws

Quality of the coat is a mirror of the overall health of the dog.

Impaired quality of coat can be due to a lack of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and chronic diseases. The quality of the coat is also affected by endoparasites, ectoparasites (lice, fleas), liver diseases, kidney or hormonal disorders.

Recommended product

Coat Care – A Mild Shampoo – a shampoo with added avocado and sea buckthorn oil for coat and skin care of all breeds of dogs.

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Throughout the year, hair gradually falls out and new one replaces it. Female dogs molt more often at the time and after the heat, during pregnancy and during lactation.

Fraying claws
The fraying may be caused by lack of nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

How to care for coat, skin and claws?
Molting, the quality of coat, skin and claws fraying can be positively influenced by increased intake of B group vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids from natural sources (e.g. extracts from evening primrose) and vitamin H (biotin). Particularly biotin administration is important because the substance is directly involved in the synthesis of keratin, which is a basic structural protein of skin and nails.

For bathing your dog use only unscented shampoo suitable for animal use. The content of natural oils and extracts facilitates brushing and has antistatic properties. After using quality shampoo, the coat is shiny and smooth. Quality shampoo does not change the shade of the coat, even after prolonged use. The amount of shampoo and bathing frequency depends on the length of hair. Bathing 1x a week to 1x a month with a mild and quality shampoo does not affect the degreasing and drying of the skin. The veterinary product Coat Care – A Mild Shampoo contains avocado extract and other natural substances.
When to see a vet?

When skin inflammation occurs, e.g. weeping eczema on the back, temples, around ears, eczema, fungal (on the back, lower legs), during an allergic reaction to fleas (most commonly affected area above the tail), lice and biting lice. To see a vet is also recommended due to food allergy, acute inflammation of the skin or during mange.


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